Tech Turntable



Blast into the vinyl preservation revolution with the CR6007A Tech Turntable. Simply plug in a USB or SD card to transfer music from your records, giving you the flexibility to put the digital tunes on CDs or your MP3 player. The tech turntable's playback feature can also be used to listen to prerecorded MP3 files. Return to the days of platform heels and The Beatles' Abbey Road album as you admire the wood-styled casing, mirror faceplate, and streamlined dials. This Crosley turntable even features a PAR (portable audio ready) hookup for MP3 players, and an analog AM/FM radio for more listening enjoyment.

$ 149.95
Now: $ 149.95
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3-Speed Turntable

USB/SD Card Reader for Transferring Albums and Cassettes to Memory Card

Portable Audio Ready-Simply Plug In Your Portable Audio Device Or MP3 Player

AM/FM Radio

Stereo Speakers

Remote Control

Headphone Jack