Crosley and the B-Sides:   Meet Brianna Falcone

Crosley and the B-Sides: Meet Brianna Falcone

June 01, 2016 | B-Sides

One sunny afternoon at South by Southwest, a sunny, hat-wearing young woman came into our record-your-own vinyl booth, hauling a guitar and a smile. We peeked to have a listen at the track she recorded, and were so in love, we had to track her down for our B-Sides!

A Colorado native now living in bright Santa Monica, CA, Brianna Falcone's eclectic mountain roots mix with LA's fresh sound to make for a delightful treat. We had the opportunity to chat with Brianna, and here's what the enchantress had to say...

Photos by Hanna Lee Ball (@Hanna.Ball)

Crosley: Your music is beautiful. I loved your original songs and your covers are so enchanting. And a model for Free People! Lovely, talented and hard-working! Living the dream.

So we first met you at South by Southwest at our record recording booth. Which song did you choose to record and why?

Brianna: I chose to record Places You Go, a song off my recently released EP. It's an upbeat joyful tune and after a wonderful yet long week at SXSW I definitely needed those vibes running through my veins!

C: If there were any current artist that  you could kidnap for a collaboration, who would it be?

BF: Blake Mills, been listening to his music on repeat lately. Such a wonderful writer and musician (he produced the latest Alabama Shakes album which I love too!)

C: What was the first song/album that attracted you to this genre/style of music?

BF: I've always loved folk music as long as I can remember. Hard to say when I made the turn to more indie-folk music exactly. Maybe the album Up From Below by Edward Sharpe?

C: How does your personal style blend in with your music? Do the two go hand-in-hand?

BF: I definitely feel a correlation between style and music personally. I think everything you do is an outward expression of what's going on internally. Whether it's the music you create, what you wear, or the way you speak. Free-spiritedness and a love for the past are both big themes in my life that express themselves through me in all avenues. 

C: What was the first full song you could get all the way through on guitar?

BF: Take Me Home, Country Road by John Denver. I was big into his music growing up in Colorado. 

C: So, tell us about Lady in the Lake! What led to the song choices and theme of the EP?

BF: Lady of the Lake is my recently released debut EP that I made with Matt Linesch, the producer of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. We recorded it at United Recording in LA with the help of a group of incredible musicians, all good friends. It was nice to be surrounded with people who understood the authenticity that I wanted to emanate from the music. 

I think the songs were naturally a culmination of the experiences and lessons I'd learned over the past few years. Insights I had gained from love, travel, and moving across the country twice. The songs each tell a unique story but have a consistent theme of developing a sense of awareness about my inner workings and the workings of the world. 

C: How has the online community/youtube etc, contributed to how you work? Does it contribute?

BF: It definitely provides a lot of content that keeps me inspired and up to date with what people are currently creating. 

YouTube and Soundcloud have been such great platforms to launch new music into the world and get discovered by listeners across the globe. Most importantly for me tho are the wonderful work relationships and friendships that I've cultivated with people who I met online simply because they happened upon my music or vice versa. 

C: What’s your favorite piece to play live?

BF: Probably Places You Go. I've been playing it with just an egg shaker, super intimate and unique. Always fun for me to put down the guitar for a song and just get lost in singing. 

C: What comes first for you, words or melody? Bridge or chorus?

BF: It's different every time. I like it that way. Keeps me on my toes. Keeps me curious. I believe my only job is to stay inspired, stay open, and make time to create (which isn't always easy but always worth while). The rest is just the world moving through you. 

C: Does music help you compose? Or do you write in silence?

BF: I usually write in silence. But every once in a while a song will come on that sparks something and I'll grab a pen leave it on while I write.

C: What was your first album? (CD or Vinyl!)

BF: The first Vinyl I ever bought was Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, which still to this day gets pulled out and put on about once a week. 

C: If you could go on a road trip with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?

BF: Joni Mitchell. 

C: Who is your favorite artist outside of your genre? Or, who is your guilty pleasure artist?

BF: Any sort of Bossa Nova music for sure. So sensual and delicious. Makes me want to learn Portuguese. 

C: When it comes to soundtracks- which one catches your ear?

BF: Pirate Radio. Doesn't get much better musically. 

Ooh, and an update! Brianna released her first music video for Lady of the Lake - the title track to her recently released debut EP. The film, directed and filmed by artist/photographer Davis Ayer, tells the tale of a lady who chose a life of free to inspire and remind how beautiful fear can be, a woman whose sheer presence lights a fire within your soul, whose smile and delight fills your veins with gold.

Let's take a look...

Want to hear more? Here's Brianna's social channels to tune in and chill to!

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Brianna's EP, Lady of the Lake is out now!

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