Don't Forget Fathers

Don't Forget Fathers

June 05, 2017 | Blog

Father's Day in America is approaching fast.  June 18th to be exact.  Check out our 20% off promo code and see if you can find something your father figure may enjoy on the Crosley site. Do it now!

I know it is commercial to start off the blog by promoting our products.  I know, but the argument could be made, that Father's Day wouldn't have become a permanent national holiday without commercialism.  Let's take a look at how Father's Day in America began:


1908 West Virginia: A lady named Grace Golden Clayton is mourning the death of her father in 1907.  That same year, that same state, there is a deadly mining disaster that kills 250 fathers.  With the help of the town pastor, the first "honoring of fathers" is observed on July 5th. 

It doesn't catch on and it doesn't circulate the U.S.

1910 Washington: Sonora Dodd hears a sermon about Mother's Day and thinks it isn't fair that fathers don't get a day since her dad was a single father to her and her five siblings.  She starts a campaign.  It spreads to a few cities, but doesn't sustain the years. 

1911-1920's: There are some decent attempts to recognize Father's Day in a major way, including recommendations from President Wilson and President Coolidge.  Still, no national holiday. 

1920's-1930's: There is a movement to get rid of Mother's Day, as well as Father's Day.  There is a push for a Parents' Day.  Around this time the Great Depression is in full swing, and retailers don't want to lose any potential holiday associated business because times are tough, to put it mildly.  Retailers keep Father's Day going as its own entity (this is that commercialism *wink*).

1940's: Father's Day is popular, but still not a national holiday.

1966: President Johnson issues the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers and designates the third Sunday in June as Father's Day.  Why the third Sunday in June you may ask?  I have no idea.  Please FB us if you know. Thanks in advance.

1972: President Nixon signs Father's Day in to law, finally making it a national holiday. Fun fact: the Brits share the same day, in a similar way, but it isn't a permanent national holiday in the U.K. yet. 


There you have an incredibly brief summary of about 110 years of history.  Keep in mind that Father's Day became a national holiday 58 years after Mother's Day.  Geeze.

Maybe get him two gifts this year?

(Hey Pops!) 



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