Prepare Your Home for a Holiday Party

Prepare Your Home for a Holiday Party

December 06, 2018 | How To

            As we approach the end of the calendar year and the coming winter, we joyously look forward to celebrating the holiday season with our family, friends and loved ones. The holidays provide us with an opportunity to express our gratitude, affection and appreciation those we surround ourselves with. It also gives us a chance to reflect on the time that has passed. Perhaps the best part of the holidays comes in the form of revelry, where we spend evenings (and sometimes the early morning hours) entertaining our nearest and dearest with music, food, drinks and good times. If you are hosting an event, be sure to prep your home for the ultimate holiday soiree!

All About the Vibe

            Ambience is a huge part of setting the mood for a party. Think about some of the functions you’ve been to in the past. What made them great? Better yet, what made you want to make a beeline for the front door? Consider your guest list and determine what sort of event it’s going to be. If you’re going for the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” theme, consider making your place cozy and warm. Do you have a fireplace? Get it fired up! If not, some scented candles (pine or Douglas fir are great choices for the season) can add a toasty feel to any room and the aroma will trigger sensory memories of those Christmas days of yore and opening gifts! If you’ve got an open kitchen, try to keep the party between there and a connecting room - this allows your guests to mingle and move around a bit. Having a sturdy dining room table is a must, as this can easily be the spot to fuel up on the best holiday cookies (bake-off, anyone?), savory charcuterie boards, and even serve as a wine station!

Consider implementing some mood lighting to help keep everyone relaxed and inspire mellow vibes on a snowy, cold night. However, cultivating a solid party environment goes well beyond visuals. A great host will create an atmosphere that appeals to all senses! While flickering flames, the scent of evergreens, and the taste of holiday snacks may cover the majority of the bases, perhaps the most important aspect to offer is auditory entertainment. Yes, we’re talking about music!

The Sound of the Season

            Regardless of the time of year, the event’s purpose, or even the occasion, the right music always makes a party better. Have you ever been to a party without music? Neither have we. However, there are several factors to consider that can make or break a party. First, think about how the music is being played. What system are you working with? Sure, we’d all love to have a hi-fi system complete with the rarest, vintage McIntosh preamps and speakers coned by Orpheus himself, but for practicality’s (and your wallet’s) sake, there are plenty of other options. Perhaps the best choice, especially for the old-school purist, is a solid turntable with speakers. There’s nothing quite like the warm richness of a vinyl record, and with their tremendous resurgence in popularity you can buy records almost anywhere.

You’ll want to consider several things if this is your first turntable. Unless you’re an extreme audiophile with a CEO’s income, you don’t need to splurge on an incredible setup. There are plenty of great options with excellent sound fidelity, and the aesthetic that comes with a turntable is great for any vintage aficionado! It’s always nice to support your local record store, and if you check during the holiday season you’re sure to find some great albums for your party. From Bing Crosby and Elvis to Mariah Carey and Canned Heat,you’re sure to find vinyl options of your favorite holiday tunes.

The holidays are the best time to wind down, reflect on the year and start anew. It’s a time when we see people who may live in faraway places, a time we see the best in one another and a time to celebrate each other! By having a get together of close friends and family, you can solidify your bonds with one another and have a great time doing it. With these party tips, you’re sure to have the shindig to top next year while showing your appreciation and gratitude for those nearest and dearest.

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