Winding up Music Festival Fashion Week with Haley Jones

Winding up Music Festival Fashion Week with Haley Jones

May 26, 2016 | Blog

So over the last week, if you've been following our Instagram (which you absolutely should be doing), you know that the lovely Haley Jones of Me & Mr. Jones has been bringing her Seattle style out to play in a round-up of awesome festival essentials. Festivassentials? In the spirit of festival fashion love, let’s take a look at her peeks for a week of music love and exploration! 

Festivals have long been a fount of fashion, all the way back to Woodstock. Depending on the festival, the fashion trends can be as diverse as the music genres played there. For example, EDM festivals like Tomorroworld involve the last echoes of the Kandi Kid culture from the 80s blending in with the LED-infused club scenes of today. You’re just as likely to see modest romper as you are a dancer decked out in cyberlox and mermaid scale underpants.

The name of the game with all festival fashion is longevity. Unless you stick yourself in a glow-in-the-dark neon corset every day or cover your entire body in tye-dye on a day-to-day basis, the number one priority is comfort. You don’t want to miss out on the band you love because your shoe came off in the mud to the left of the foodtrucks.


Let's go!

For this reason, lots of people favor denim for festival wear, particularly shorts. Other than being stylish, denim is very durable, and useful for sitting and perching on even the roughest fence line and still feeling comfortable. Denim, or at least, true cotton denim, offers tons of DIY opportunities, too. It can be shredded, distressed, dyed, embroidered, patched, you name it. It’s one of the best articles of clothing that can physically and figuratively fit you.


That should cover-all of it. 

Crocheted pieces have been on the rise for years, almost in salute to the original festival bohemians. They’re very pretty, and have the advantage of covering up without overheating. Which is very important. Similarly, sheer pieces have been trending, but that may leave funky looking, floral-shaped tanlines. Which, if that’s what you’re going for, great job?


For the frill of it. 

Listen- even if there were such a thing as a “shaded” music festival (which is not the same thing as a “shady” one… don’t go to those), you’ll still want a way to protect your eyes from the glare. Guys, scalps burn, it’s not pretty. Hats are the go-to for this solution, and they don’t all have to be enormous gardening hats! Over the last few years, crowns of flowers, quartzes, and even flowery cat ears have graced the heads of festival goers. It’s great to have something on to help you stand out from the throng, but be sure to use sunscreen on your hair part, or you will have a bad time. 

There’s two theories of thought with shoes: the sandal-wearers who simply hose their feet down, or the people who worry about their feet being stomped on. Which one you choose is up to you. But either way, you probably don’t want to stage dive in stillettos, and break your heels. Or your neck.


Heel, heel!    

But everyone does festival fashion differently! The whole fun of a Music Festival outfit is expressing yourself- and your love for celebrating music. 


Oh, but one more thing! Haley and Crosley have one more trick up their sleeves. (Haha, fashion humor.) We're giving away a Cruiser to everybody who's gone on this sartorial journey with us! Here's what to do. Head to our Instagram and follow both of us- @crosleyradio and @meandmr.jones, like today's picture, and comment with two friends tagged! Sound good? Then get out there, have fun, and I'm serious about the sunscreen, y'all.   

Thanks, Haley!





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