Billie Eilish Tops the 2019 Vinyl Charts

Billie Eilish Tops the 2019 Vinyl Charts

December 17, 2019 | Music

The #2 Best-Selling Vinyl Record, So Far

So far in 2019, Queen is sitting at the top of the vinyl charts, likely due to the success of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody.” But following close behind is Billie Eilish, the 17-year-old singer-songwriter who’s known for a dark, eccentric style. Eilish has set herself apart from the typical peppy, smiling pop star. Fans seem to be eating up every intentionally grotesque, attitudinal bite. 

Eilish’s debut album, “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?,” sold 15,000 vinyl copies in its first full-frame of availability alone. As for streaming, Eilish had the third-largest numbers in one week of any woman in history. 

Billie Eilish’s record sales show that young listeners are embracing vinyl, as most of her fan base is made up of teens and young millennials. With the holidays fast approaching, it will be interesting to see how the final count turns out for Billie Eilish’s record sales over the entire year. 

How the Album Sounds on Vinyl

Fans, of course, have varying opinions, but many have praised how the album comes across on vinyl. The record is full of haunting vocals, deep synths, and creative production said to really pop in the LP format. 

 “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” pushes boundaries in the kinds of sounds it uses. Songs layer in recordings of a dental drill, a staple gun, and other horror movie–esque noises. Her sound mixes electro-pop, rock and hip-hop vibes that make the music unique.

The melodramatic vocalist’s breathy tone and hard consonants make it feel like she’s whispering into your ear and maybe into your soul. The crispness of her words, which have been quoted all over social media, making a real splash in pop culture, may be even more haunting when played on vinyl. 

The Record’s Look and Feel

“When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” has been printed on limited copper, pale yellow, opaque baby blue, and even glow-in-the-dark vinyl. Its 14 songs are split evenly between both sides of the LP, and it typically comes with a gatefold jacket with lyrics printed on the inside, so that fans can study every word closely. 

The young superstar is making a name for herself in every format, redefining popular music as well as sales trends. “I’m realizing the place I’m in right now is kind of my time, though — my moment,” she said in a recent interview. There’s no telling what the new year will bring for Billie Eilish and her groundbreaking record and sound. 


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