If Valentine’s Day Cards Aren’t Your Thing, Maybe Vinyl Will Be

If Valentine’s Day Cards Aren’t Your Thing, Maybe Vinyl Will Be

February 08, 2018 | Music

This V-Day, Hallmark is taking love — and music — to the next level. For the first time ever, the famous greeting card company is letting you send Bruno Mars and more to your beloved.

Hallmark’s been the cultural face of America’s holiday cards for as long as we can remember. Google some vintage card images for a while — pretty soon, you’ll be swimming in that dreamy nostalgia of yesteryear’s well wishes. At the same time, letters and a cute picture on a folded slip of paper just aren’t enough sometimes.

Hallmark must have been aware of this for a while — remember when they first came out with those cards that play songs when you open them? Wasn’t that magical? (Before the people around you opened and closed them over and over again, driving you completely mad, that is.) It seemed there wasn’t much more a card could do to top that.

Singing cards are nice, of course, but it’s not like they hold whole songs or anything. For that reason, they can’t stand on their own; they usually have to complement something else. They’re a little spendier than the average card too, which can put you in a pinch for that additional gift if you're on a budget.

Well, Hallmark has something new up their sleeves now. They’ve truly taken things to the next level. These are not your parents’ or grandparents’ Valentine’s Day cards, but they evoke something just as nostalgic as those classic cards.

Forget Hallmark cards for a second — now, there’s Hallmark Vinyl.

Yeah, that’s right. You read that correctly. Vinyl.

Hallmark is selling Valentine’s cards, measuring 7 by 7 inches, whose covers have a sleeve for the 45 RPM records they contain, from a choice of three Atlantic Records artists. 

Reach for an Aretha Franklin vinyl, playing classic songs “Respect” and “Think.”

Bruno Mars’s vinyl features “Marry Me” and “Just the Way You Are.”

If you’re more into rock, there’s a vinyl for you: INXS has one, too, with songs “Need You Tonight” and “Never Tear Us Apart.”0

Each record sports a stylish, retro Atlantic Records label, printed in red, black and white.

Tom Brantam, innovation creative director at Hallmark, said Hallmark's goal was to merge music trends with greeting cards in order to take card giving and receiving to the next level.

“Sharing and enjoying music with others is an experience that spans all generations and brings people together in a way that other things can’t," he said. "Our vinyl record cards do just that: they offer more than a sentiment — they are a gift in themselves.”

Well said, Tom; well said.

This is a smart business move, too, considering vinyls are currently experiencing a rising boost in sales — mostly because of younger generations like millennials. 

Also smart considering that Valentine’s Day is the second-largest holiday for giving greeting cards. An estimated 114 million V-Day cards are given each year. Hallmark alone offers 900 designs in its collection this year to cover a broad and diverse spectrum of relationships. For us, these vinyl cards are definitely the ones that stand out!

Young or old, everyone has a great opportunity to send something unique, heartfelt and nostalgic to a music-loving someone special this Valentine’s Day. Or yourself, honestly.

Head to Hallmark’s website and have a look for yourself — and quickly! The holiday's coming up.

Don't see an artist that fits your style this time around? Hold out some hope: Apparently, Hallmark is also planning to release birthday vinyls later this year. Fingers crossed for some more exceptional artists!

So long as you’ve got your record player on standby, these vinyl cards are certainly a gift that keeps on giving — the gift that’s sure to amplify your style.

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