Model Number K200A-BK

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Needle Replacement

The K200 turntable stereo system is a contemporary choice. This direct driven turntable includes 30 watt power amp speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. The smooth s-shaped curve of the tonearm ensures getting in the groove with ease and plays two-speeds. The adjustable counterweight and adjustable pitch control, offer you command over the K200.

Direct Drive, High-Torque Motor

Start / Stop Control

Plays 2 Speeds - 33 1/3 And 45 RPM Records

Fully Manual Operation

Damped Die-Cast Aluminum Platter with Felt Slip Mat

1/2" Mount Universal Headshell with Audio Technica Cartridge (Pre-Installed)

Balanced S-Shaped Tone Arm with Hydraulic Lift Control, Anti-Skate, Weight Adjustment, and Lockable Rest

Built-In Switchable Phono Pre-Amplifier with Detachable RCA Output Cables

2 way powered speakers

Bluetooth ready (receiver)

Auxiliary input for turntable or other device

Class D amplifier rated at 15 watts / channel

4" Woofer

1" Tweeter

Freq. response 50 HZ to 20,000 KHZ

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