Crosley presents Audio Files featuring Sunflower Bean

Crosley presents Audio Files featuring Sunflower Bean

July 12, 2016 | Audio Files

As we approach the height of July heat, surrounded by fireflies and fireworks, a band named Sunflower Bean seems pretty appropriate, don’t you think? Their second album, Human Ceremony, suits lazy summer afternoons more than the chilly months of February it was released in.

Sunflower Bean is relatively young, only formed in 2013. Two Long Island boys, Jacob Faber and Nick Kivlen, were both fresh from high school when they jumped in feet first. Soon after they were joined by the haunting voice and bass from Julia Cumming. (Who is also a model for Yves St. Laurent. No, really.) When you listen to their music, it almost seems hard to believe it comes from New York’s streets and not a sandy shore. After a brief foray into heavy metal (haven’t we all?), they settled into their sound.

It’s the kind of hazy, lo-fi candy that brings to mind the Beach Boys, Blondie, or even more recently, Feist. It’s all here: the sing-along harmonies, the simple chord progressions, and softly echoing reverb that make for the perfect summer soundtrack.

“I Want You To Give Me Enough Time” is akin to a fire circle song, with both vocalists cycling their rounds. There’s also a recurring theme of time; “2013” and “Space Exploration Disaster” cite the beginning of the band’s history and what that time means to them.

Won't you tell me what's on your mind?

In the year 2013


In the year 2013

This is the year, where it all come clean

There’s actually quite a bit of imagery of new beginnings, Nouveau Genesises, and people’s needs to acknowledge the passage of time.

Let me tell you the story of the creation

Earth and wind and snow

Fire and emotion

It suits, then, that Sunflower Bean pulls off such a timeless sound, something hard to pin down to any particular time or place. New York in the new millennium? A white California beach? A Kentucky forest? That’s really where Sunflower Bean succeeds: They play the sound of memory and comfort.

As luck would have it, we actually managed to snag the Brooklyn band on their tour through Louisville! We took the incredible opportunity to work together with them on our brand new YouTube Series: The Crosley Audio Files.

Audio Files strives to capture the intimacy of a small unplugged concert, just for you. We’ll settle in and get to know bands from all over, and uncover their acoustic soul. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to see who we cover next!

In the meantime, here’s our exclusive set with Sunflower Bean, “Come On” and “Space Exploration Disaster.”

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