100/CR3034A-WS-W1 100/CR3034A-WS-W2
100/CR3034A-WS-W1 100/CR3034A-WS-W2


Model Number CR3034A-WS

$ 69.95 Product Support
Designed for portability, the Mockingbird radio is ready to tag along your next adventure. This AM/FM radio and Bluetooth speaker is happy to take roost inside with the included AC adapter, or perfectly content to take flight outside thanks to a carry strap and the option of lithium-ion (18650) battery power. Soft-touch vinyl pops next to the matte white face, while the circular speaker grill pattern, 50s-inspired dial, and honeycomb backsplash offer plenty of vintage vibes. Easily switch between the FM radio, auxiliary input, or the built-in Bluetooth receiver that allows you to stream digital music from your phone or other device directly through the Mockingbird’s speaker.

5.31" W x 3.94" D x 8.27" H

Built-in Bluetooth Receiver

AM/FM Radio

Aux Input

Headphone Jack

AC or Battery Powered

The attraction is only natural.